This is the platform from where the sports fans and casino players can bet and this is a highly honored and limitless betting platform. The 1xbet provides the special bagged promo codes for the sport fans and the players. This platform can be run by downloading the 1xbet. The fans can get this from the browser searching 1xbet download. For the newcomers they always special offers great bonus details as if the newcomer bet they can get 120% up to Rs 66,000 profit.

1xbet suggests the supreme betting service for the welcomers and they have the unique offers for the new users.The newcomers have the option to enroll through their website the 1xbet promo code 1GOALIN to get the mindblowing turned out up to 120% on first deposit.
There’s an example : if someone deposits rs1000 at 1xbet or 1xbet download they will get the extra bonus of rs1200 and the total will be rs2200.
This is a very innovative and fantastic offer for the new users.

How Promo Code Can Be Used For Newcomers?

How Promo Code Can Be Used For Newcomers?

There are following steps which need to recall before investing:

  1. This portal can be accessed by the site and 1xbet download both in india. This is accessible on every device like desktop, laptop or phone.
  2. After visiting the portal the user needs to create an account.
  3. Then there is a specific box where you need to enter the promo code.
  4. There will be the condition with which you need to agree and then you can get your verification done via email or SMS,
  5. Then you can choose the most appropriate market accordingly and you can start betting.

Promotions for old and new plates by 1xBet

You can explore the promo code or offers while investing in games, both new and old players can access them for their interest and explore new opportunities while betting. These offers are precisely selected by the 1xBet so that users can enhance the game.

TOTO offer in 1xBet

There is a proposal by 1xBet from which the users can earn bonuses. For TOTO bet slip you need to make a daily basis prediction to get the 12 defined events and one bet needed to make to earn the bonus.
Once you will start getting the correct prediction you will get the more bonus points  through the TOTO bet slip and then you can get them deposit in promo code and after that you can redeem.

Terms and condition

Following terms and condition of welcome bonus are:

  1. The user should be 18 or older while registering in the portal.
  2. The average or atleast rs200 deposit is required.
  3. Amount for the bonus should be 5 times more than its betting amount, especially for sports betting.
  4. There are at least 3 or more with all over events for the accumulator bets.
  5. New user bonus is very helpful to grow in betting.

There is facility provided by the 1xBet for non risky bet

To use the advantage of free risk betting to register punters tickets is much needed for no risk betting. You will get the correct score on the bookmaker’s site where a list is available of pre matches or live matches.

You came in at a loss in this free bet, you will get the refund as the same as the invested bet price and the refund of no risk bet will be shown in your account within 1 day.

Process of registering on 1xBet

There are just five quick and easy following steps below to register:

1. You have visit the 1xbet site

Once you will get to know that there is an account option so that you can utilize the promo codes of 1xBet.

This can be accessed via devices android or ios both and all the browsers in india. You can access this website on laptop or desktop as well.

2. Process of signing up in 1xbet website

First you need to select the sign up option on the website for your account and you can complete the registration by using your phone number and email both. Both are valid for the registration. Registration is as easy as you need to login to any social media site.

To complete the profile you need to select the user name, name and other personal details and lastly password is much needed for your account however you need the username and password to login in your account.

And there is one confirmation box which you need to click on to confirm that you are 18 or over 18 years old.

3. Use the promo code in 1xBet

Use can use the current offer or promo by 1xbet and after that you can click on the registration.

4. Get your account verified

First you need to fill in all the necessary personal details and get your new account active. You need to complete the confirmation vis email or mobile number.

5. Accumulation investment

To start betting you can add funds to your account and start betting using a welcome offer.

1xBet Download

1xBet Download

  • There are facilities by which the users can download the app on their devices.
    There are some lite versions for android and the normal version for ios users as well.
    The users can download the 1xbet on desktop or laptop as well.

    You can visit this website to download the app https://india.1xbet.com/mobile
    Or you can visit the google play store.
    And you will find the button to download the app.
    Then you can use the same process for the registration for 1xBet account.

6. There are some advantages and disadvantages of 1xBet
We can discuss here that there are pros and cons of 1xBet


    • It provides the best newcomer benefit to the new users.

    • Their welcome bonus needs very little deposit.
    • Bonus expiration is for 30 days.

7. Cons

The bets accumulator contributes according to the demand in 1xBet.


The 1xBet is the betting portal where the users can start betting on their favorite game like casino game and sports game.
And for the newcomer they have great where the users can win up to 120% which is up to rs66000. After that they have amazing betting deals for the users as well on a regular basis.
The customer gets the promo code and they can use it to redeem in their account.
The user should be at least 18 years old in India before they start betting.


  • What are free bets in 1xBets?
    It is a bonus offer which includes the free bets. There are specific conditions which need to be met by the users and at this time this offer is only available for the users of 1xBet.
  • What do you mean by the no deposit newcomer offer?
    There are certain limits of investing money so that the newcomer can get the no deposit. There is a minimum limit of rs200, although they do not provide bonus deposit, thi is very special for bookmakers.

  • Will the newcomer benefit be available whenever I want to sign up again?
    If the users have the newcomer promo code they will not be able to use the offer again and again if they have used the promo code while thay will login with the same details on the portal again.

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