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Rose Namajunas : A Detailed Overview

Rose Namajunas earned her league debut on the fifth of January 2013, versus Emily Kagan at Invicta FC 4: Esparza vs. Hyatt. On the eleventh of December 2013, she signed a deal for the  (UFC).

Rose Namajunas birthdate is the 29th of June the year 1992, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and raised locally by her mom, who is a musician. She attended Milwaukee HighSchool of the Humanities.

Namajunas began her professional career in the year 2010, recording 4 wins and zero defeats. Her official fight debut began at the Invicta Fighting Championship, when she won her initial two bouts by knockout until falling to Tecia Torres via a majority decision at Invicta FC 6: Conen vs. Cyborg in 2013. After joining the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Namajunas participated in The Ultimate Fighter season Twenty to determine the first strawweight champion. She dropped her match to Carla Esparza on the 12th of December the year 2014.

When Rose was still a small girl, Namajunas’s father Arturas, who had schizophrenia, abandoned the family and passed away in 2008 in Germany from pneumonia. Having studied at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, her mother was a talented pianist.Namajunas was exposed to violence at an early age while growing up in a rough, predominately African American area in Milwaukee. Her brother was rarely home, and her mother worked a lot. Her neighbours called her “Thug Rose” because she was the only white girl in the group, the tiniest, and yet she behaved rougher than any of them. Namajunas has acknowledged having experienced child sexual assault, but she has made it clear that she does not wish to talk about any particular details.

Some Details in short about Rose are given below:

Age 31 years old
Net Worth Estimated $2 million
Source of Wealth MMA, Endorsement
Salary $100,000 (average base salary)
Endorsement Reebok, Monster Energy, ONX Sports, RVCA Sport
Residence Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.
Marital Status Engaged
Last Updated March 2024

Professional wrestling background

Rose began taekwondo training when she was five years old. At age nine, she received a second-degree black belt, belt. She continued to do BJJ and martial arts afterwards. She began training in combination martial arts and kickboxing under Duke Roufus at Roufusport during her secondary school years. She wrestled in her final year.

Personal Life

Namajunas claims to be a Christian and to hold anti-communist beliefs. Namajunas discussed the tale of communist tyranny in her native Lithuania before her first battle against Chinese boxer Zhang Weili. She also cited the film The Other Dreams Squad as an influence. She stated that the film provides a “good understanding as to what my family had to go via the reason She’s in America right now, why I do mixed martial arts, all of that stuff” .Because of her family’s past during the previous USSR dictatorship in Lithuania, she stated that she saw her struggle with Zhang as a war against communist and independence, claiming that “Weili is red” and “exemplifies [communism]” and that it is “far superior dead than red.”

Fighting Style 

Namajunas moves forward and applies pressure to opponents with high kicks and punches. She is renowned for her very skilled footwork and hitting, utilising a range of angles and inventive modifications. She repeatedly delivered axe kicks, front kicks, and forward roundhouse blows to her opponent’s head during their battle at Invicta FC 6.[94] Sometimes, after closing the gap, she may try to grapple and carry out a submission.

Promoting Causes: Charity Rose Namajunas’s Charitable Activities

Regretfully, no data on Rose Namajunas‘s fundamental and charity activities is accessible.

Rose Namajunas Next Fight : Breaking News Rose Is Definitely Fighting Again

Rose Namajunas next fight, The whole over, mixed martial arts enthusiasts are looking forward to Rose Namajunas‘s next battle in 2024. Rose Namajunas‘s next 2024 fight date has not yet been disclosed. However, fans are eager to learn who she will face next and when the battle will take place.

Namajunas Rose Automobile Series

About Rose Namajunas‘s automobile gathering, nothing is known.

Conclusion: Analysation about Namajunas 

To sum up, Rose Namajunas is still a prominent figure in the mixed martial arts community. With her remarkable abilities, tenacity, and persistent will to succeed, she has cemented her place as one of the leading competitors in the female strawweight class. As she prepares for her subsequent fight in the year 2024, fans are eager to observe her keep getting better and cement her status as one of the greatest warriors in sports ever.

FAQ’s : Queries Answered

What’s Rose Namajunas’ keeping track of?

Twelve to six. 

What is the age?

She is thirty-one years old.

What is the height of Rose Namajunas?

five feet five inches.

What has Rose Namajunas achieved?

sixty-five in

Rose Namajunas had numerous matches in his profession?

Rose Namajunas has had Eighteen official matches in her MMA history. Her employment began in the year 2013.

Which businesses support Rose Namajunas?

Rose Namajunas‘ official Instagram account states that she is sponsored by Monster Energy, ONX Sports, Reebok, and RVCA Sport.

Is Rose Namajunas recognised to be involved in any charity endeavours?

Data on Rose Namajunas‘ foundations and charity endeavours is currently unavailable.

What is Rose Namajunas’s pay per fight?

Rose Namajunas receives a basic pay of more than $100,000 every bout on average. She receives achievement prizes, incentives, and sponsors.


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