Chickpet: Navigating Bangalore's Silk and Saree Haven

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What Is A Chickpet?

Chickpet is a nearby city situated in Karnataka, adjacent to Bengaluru. Situated near the Electric Market area, the property is in the Bangalore South Lok Sabha seat.

The 17th century saw its initial application. According to accounts, Shahaji Raje Bhosale and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj reared the child in Bengaluru. At what is now the market, he constructed his castle. In Chennai’s Sowcarpet, there is currently the largest Marwadi community in South India.

History Of The Market

Bangalore’s most famous and important landmarks are in the commercial sector called Chickpet Market, which is full of history and culture. The epicenter of the Vijayanagara Empire’s commerce, Bangalore, dates back to the 16th century, under the reign of the illustrious Kempegowda.

It was named “Chickpet” in Kempegowda’s honor since he founded the market and made major contributions to the city. It was becoming more and more important as a commercial center throughout the British colonial era. Chickpet Market in Bangalore adapted to the changing times without losing its unique identity as the city grew into a major center of commerce and information technology in the late 20th century.

How Do I Reach The Market?

Its accessibility to the city center and widespread appeal make it a convenient destination from Bangalore. chickpet shopping is accessible via bus, chickpet metro , taxi, autorickshaw, and even train. After you’re in the region, though, strolling is the best method to explore. It is also feasible to travel on two wheels, but parking will be difficult, and hundreds of shoppers will undoubtedly make your life difficult.

It’s time to cut those excess pounds and get more active.

Green Line: The Namma Metro Green Line provides access to the market from the chickpet metro station.

Bus numbers from Bangalore or BMTC to the market:

  • 223D
  • 215-H
  • 250 E
  • 253 F
  • 290 B
  • 45-G
  • G-10
  • KBS-12HK
  • KBS-1
  • V-365J

First Bus to The Market: 223D

Last Bus to The Market: 365J

Railways: The closest railway station is K.S.R. Bengaluru. There is a fifteen-minute walk to the train station.

Things To Buy In The Market

The few items that you may purchase from the Chickpet Market are listed below:

  • Clocks and watches: In front of the legendary Khaleel Building is a lane named “Bathing Ghat Lane,” whose watchmakers not only imported the best timepieces from around the world but also built the region’s renowned clock towers.
  • Lighting: You may purchase reasonably priced chandeliers and lights on BVK Iyengar Road to spruce up your house. There are several options for wall lighting, including geometric metal lamps, colorful cascading chandeliers, and even simple fairy lights for your bedside table. Stores like PK Lamps & Shades, Dilpasand Lights, Madhav Sign, and SJ Lighting House may be found by exploring alleyways like AM Lane, HT Cross, and hospital road.
  • Appliances for the home: Chickpet shopping surely has the silverware, sewing machines, appliances, rugs, and pillowcases you need. By exploring the region, you may find anything you need for your home, from high-end stores filled with pricey chinaware to roadside vendors selling housewares at discounted prices.
  • Sarees: The core Chickpet neighborhood consists of old-fashioned saree-specialist stores and boxed-in complexes. The mainstay is Sudarshan Silks chickpet; throughout the year, one may observe brides and their families coming and going from these establishments. In posh shops like Kuberan, you may peruse piles of Kanjivarams and other Sudarshan silks chickpet.
  • Invitation cards: There are rows of shops selling various types of invites in Sultanpet, a neighborhood that is close to Chickpet Bangalore. Sultanpet has everything you could possibly want, including sophisticated wedding invitations and party invitations with a Chota Bheem theme.
  • Books: Head to Avenue Road in the market to witness a street full of merchants selling books at reduced rates on the pavements, as well as a long row of booksellers. Avenue Road is the ideal location for anybody who loves to read, regardless of whether they hunt for textbooks at the last minute.
  • Accessory: Vendors stand in front of massive displays of earrings throughout Chickpet Bangalore crowded streets. You may peruse shops on OK Road that sell chic jewelry, bhindis, scrunchies, and cute clips.

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Popular Restaurants In The Chickpet Market Bangalore

A couple of the well-known eateries at the chickpet market chickpet metro station

are listed below:

  • Snack at B.B. Bakery

Along with buns and the always-famous bisi breadu (hot, freshly made bread), it also sells other high-carb goodies like crunchy rusk, flaky spicy nippattu (fried gram flour), sticky sweet honey cake dripping with jam, and tea buns stuffed with potato curry (aloo paratha). Not to mention the famous dilpasand, which is a puff stuffed with tutti frutti and sweetened coconut.

  • Visit Lakshmi Nataraja Refreshments and sample their cuisine

Founded in 2008 and with its headquarters located in Nagarathpet, Lakshmi Nataraja is a well-known participant in the Chickpet Bangalore fast food industry. chickpet shopping at this well-known company is convenient for both locals and visitors from chickpet bangalore. In order to build a solid name for itself in the business, this company has persisted and worked hard. Only because of its strong belief that customer happiness is just as vital as the quality of its products and services can the company expect its already sizable clientele to continue to expand.

  • biryani at Chickpet donne biryani

Visit The Market donne biryani (Gundu Pulao) in Rajarajeshwari Nagar if you’re in the mood for a feast. They have captured the hearts of foodies everywhere since they first launched. They serve delicious fast meals that you won’t want to miss. Reasonably priced and affordable costs add to the overall attraction of the site.

Other Popular Restaurants In The Chickpet Market Bangalore

Visit these incredible eateries for a quick bite to eat while you’re out chickpet shopping.

  • Chikkanna Tiffin Room: Khali dosa and masala dosa
  • New Govind Rao Military Hotel: Mutton Pulao
  • Avenue Road Food Carts: Famed for fluffy idlis

Places To Visit Near The Market

Below are the few places to visit near the chickpet bangalore Market:

  • Lalbagh Botanical Garden: chickpet market bangalore is around nineteen minutes away from this well-liked Bangalore City landmark. Conveniently, 3.9 miles away on BVK Iyengar Road lies the Lalbagh Botanical Garden.
  • Bengaluru Fort: Located in the heart of Bangalore City, this iconic building is the most well-known in the area and a must-see. chickpet Market Bangalore is around 1.5 kilometers away from Bangalore’s architectural jewel, which is easily accessible via BVK Iyengar Road.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium: Next to chickpet Bangalore Market, this attraction is another one in Bangalore City. The Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium may be reached from the market by walking 3 km down Palace Road.

PRO TIP: Explore the best place in Chickpet Market

Chickpet Market Bangalore: Location And Timings

  • Address : Chickpet Market, Santhusapet, Chickpet, Bengaluru, Karnataka 5,60053.
  • Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 9 pm Sundays are when the market is closed.


Chickpet Market is a bustling center that contributes to the rich history and commerce of Bangalore. Walk its busy streets, find its gems, savor regional cuisine, and see neighboring sights. Market beckons, a delightful treat for all the senses.


What are the bus stops closest to The Market?

The Market closest bus stops are located on K.G. Road, K.R. Market, Binny Mill, Cauvery Bhavana, etc.

Which Chickpet flower markets are there?

Located next to Chickpet, and sometimes mistaken for a part of it, is KR Market, one of the largest flower marketplaces in Asia.

Do hours of Chickpet Market exist?Sunday is a closed day at Chickpet Market in Bangalore.


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